Sun Goddess – Color Story

The assignment is to paint the color picture through a narrative. I’m working with the color yellow and have chosen the name ‘Sun Goddess’ to represent the particular hue. It is represented best by the ancient Egyptian Sun God Aten, who was also believed to be the creator of life.

The billowing folds of her silk dress are transparent as they reflect the bright rays of sunshine. She steps towards the perfect old farmhouse with powder blue shutters where her husband works on building a cradle for the child they are expecting. The dogwood leaves rustle in the breeze and she looks up through the trees into the sun as it sends its warmth through the countryside. As she nears the house, she notices that the daffodils lining the walkway seem especially cheerful and bends down to touch them lightly as she passes.

In the kitchen, she glides to the water jug and grabs two glasses. She picks out the brightest lemon in the group from the bowl on the counter top, and slices into it. The fragrant citrus smell reaches her nose and she immediately senses the tart taste in her mouth. She gently places the lemon slices in each glass and pours fresh water over them. She joins her husband in his workshop and hands him the glass – just then the sun shines through the thin windowpanes illuminating the liquid in the glass and making a glowing watery reflection on the wooden floor. He kisses her tenderly and she sits in the antique needlepoint armchair by his side.

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