Telling an engaging story about an agency’s products and services.

Content Strategy, UX Design, Visual Design, Prototyping

As lead designer for the site redesign, my main challenges were to: 1) Express the uniqueness of their process and culture for potential clients and employees, and 2) Create a clear and concise visualization of the agency’s client services.

Like many agencies, Adaptive Lab had a challenging time redesigning their website to properly reflect what the agency has to offer its corporate and startup clients. In initial internal company workshops, I learned about the content needed to tell the complete story, and created a content strategy and hierarchy of navigation for the site.

Once the layout and content was finalised I moved into designing the brand identity. The identity refresh was implemented with a bold color palette and simple but expressive typography. I worked alongside the developers to build the site, and implemented the style guide and behavior animations for developers to maintain consistency as the site continues to develop.

2014  |  adaptivelab.com




Collaborating with a credit reporting company to develop a business-facing data breach solution

User research, Workshop Facilitation, UX Design, Visual Design, Prototyping

Over the course of several product design cycles, our cross-disciplinary team partially collocated with the client and had regular working sessions with internal stakeholders. In a series of collaborative design workshops our team honed the data breach proposal based on insights from user research. After identifying over 30 potential new ideas and improvements on existing products and services, I refined and prepared the ideas for testing by sketching out each idea onto cards for presentation in the customer development interviews.

We interviewed 20 customers and corporate clients who had been a victim of a data breach to gain insight on the experience and gathered feedback on the 30 ideas for new products and services. We learned that when there’s awareness and preparation pre-breach, a potential data breach will result in the least amount of damage to the company.

Focusing on the critical time pre-breach, when there’s awareness and preparation up front a data breach will result in the least amount of harm to the company. I created the website above as one of the deliverables for the proposal, to illustrate the concept and generate further ideas. The Data Breach Consultancy Service brings together a suite of products for pre-breach readiness assessments, pre-breach monitoring services and post-breach response, with the goal of becoming the UK industry leader in both training and monitoring tools for data breach readiness and resolution.

2014  |  Adaptive Lab, London