Some clarity to brand platform

Possibly related to the fact that it’s 9/11 but also because I think it’s the most successful angle, I’m heading more in a national security direction for the ‘tree power’ brand platform. Since harnessing tree power can provide information on environmental changes, prevent forest fires and detect radioactive smuggling, tree power can make Americans safer and more secure.

Tree power will improve safety and security for all Americans. I’m focusing on the US of A, not because I don’t love all the other lovely countries in the world, but mostly because it was developed and will probably be funded by institutions in the US, we have a tremendous wildfire problem in California, we have expansive land borders to the north and south, and we can raise awareness among non-conservation minded Americans to protects our national forests for the sake of safety.

On a side note, I think a great sound for this project would be the Devo song, ‘Beautiful World’. I can’t find the original video but in the meantime I found this which is even more amazing. Devo performing Whip It, 1980.

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