Worst web design EVER

For such an inspiring topic, and possibility to make a huge difference in the world, David MacKay really needs to rethink his web design. View the remarkably hard-to-read-or-understand-any-information-at-all website here.

The boxes, colors and type jumble together to form a Times Square-ish sensory overload. Why are the contents each in an array of different color boxes? Why the neon yellow left sidebar with images of two different covers (below – I assume/hope the pinwheel one is new)? And the positive reviews are diminished by the distracting hairline grid they are trapped in.

The book, which can be downloaded for free on the site, argues that it is possible to get 100% carbon-free energy. There is so much confusion on how much power renewable energy provides, and the general public does not understand the whole picture because of our dependence on the oil/coal industry. It is UK based, but seems to (I only read the 10 page synopsis) provide some good data for the world’s ultimate move to sustainable energy.

But please, do something about that website design!

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