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Voltree Power teamed up with scientists at MIT, and has successfully tested the wireless network powered by trees in Boise, Idaho. Now they need a brand platform to attract investors from the technology industry and increase public interest in this ‘green’ discovery.

At the moment it is a government funded project through the Bureau of Land Management, primarily academic/research focused. They are developing a working prototype for industry, at which point they will pursue a partnership to investigate self-organizing wireless ‘mesh’ networks.

1. Trees can provide valuable information on national security by detecting radioactive materials at our extensive land borders. 2. Using trees as sensors will increase the safety of firefighters, people living near forests, and forest-dwelling animals by preventing the spread of wildfires. 3. Sensors can remotely detect environmental changes and tree health, reducing the need for field work. 4. Creating demand for larger trees with greater electrical charge will protect old growth forests and therefore improve environmental conditions. 5. Further harnessing the electricity of trees could provide a new source of sustainable energy and prevent hazardous waste of battery disposal. 6. Possibility of a wireless network system.

Wow, this is a safe and reliable source of power, and very green!

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