Focusing/Completely reworking the brand

I don’t need to start completely from scratch because I’m using the same topic, and I think my soundscape components are good (they just need to be mixed properly), but I need to rework the focus of my theme. I think I’m trying to focus on too broad a topic and also creating a brand platform for an existing company. The project is to create a brand platform for an invention that I propose to create, so I’m the client. OK, got it. So what is the theme then?

Taking a few points from my last post on the topic, I’m going to focus in on just one or two benefits to this new technology. 1. Using trees as sensors will increase the safety of firefighters, people living near forests, and forest-dwelling animals by preventing the spread of wildfires. 2. Creating demand for larger trees with greater electrical charge will protect old growth forests and therefore improve environmental conditions.

With that clarification, I’m going to remix the sounds and moodboard to evoke the feeling of walking through the forest and excitement that trees can provide a new technology to save lives. Hopefully this will create a demand for the protection of large forested areas.

The stop motion project needs to show the proposed product or service in action. So it would start with a forest fire or even just a spark of flame, then I’d like to show a sensor network of electrical impulses, alerting the main facility and shutting down the fire. How the f@#$! am I going to take photos of that?

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