First Day of Color Workshop

After our first Color Workshop class I checked out a lot of the links on the course website, and had so much fun playing around on this cool site. I love how this software makes it easier to find five colors that relate to each other in an interesting way.

Most of the time, I have NO IDEA what colors to choose for a project, and usually go with what appeals to me/what seems appropriate/my favorites at the moment. I understand the basics of color theory from courses I’ve taken in the past, but really would like to go deeper into how to make great color choices in my work. I’m working on product designs for an etiquette company right now and so far we have four different color ways: bright orange/pink, blue/aqua, neutral/brown, and gray/silver. I got a lot of inspiration from the Jonathan Adler products after the client mentioned that she liked his aesthetic. Jonathan Adler is an interior designer turned design mogul whose wise advice for couples regarding interior design decisions: The wife is always right… unless the husband is gay. Thank you Jonathan!

The needlepoint pillows are the cutest

This is #8 in his 10 commandments for a happy chic home:
Thou shalt not be afraid of orange.
Thou shalt use orange copiously in thy interior, whether it beeth in an orange breakfast room or via the zing of an orange lacquered box. Thou might even consider painting thy front door orange to pique thy neighbor’s curiosity. Thou shalt also covet chocolate brown.

The best part is that the type is written in orange on the site! A friend of mine in London is studying the healing effects of color in interior design, and I would love to know more about how color affects us emotionally/physically. For example, I chose a light buttery color to paint the inside of my apartment because I thought it was an inspiring color. I hope that’s true!

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