Rainbows and Compassion

Today I watched a great video of Swami Saraswati, urging people to bring more compassion into their lives. The message is beautiful. I found the video by way of the Compassion talks on TED, which are the work of Karen Armstrong, former Catholic nun and TED Prize winner. She developed the Charter for Compassion, which collaborates among many partners to create a peaceful global community.

What I was most impacted by in the video however, was this backdrop behind the Swami. It is a gorgeous rainbow of banners blowing gently in the breeze. The colors are bright and peaceful at the same time, and the range of colors evokes an all-inclusive global organization that provides for all types of people, and probably incorporates many different perspectives into their activities.

See the entire video via the link below:
Fetzer Institute | Resources | Swami Dayananda Saraswati: The profound journey of compassion

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