New and Different Yellow study

This study asks: what are all of the yellow objects in my apartment? It also attempts to answer the question of ‘what shape is my color’? This is an interesting image of a new product series that I thought was really relevant to this exercise.

I love this image (not extremely relevant but the color of the grass and a lady’s dress is giving me that sun goddess feeling):

This is pretty funny: this is the tee-shirt I just bought from Gilt group. Not sure if I got it in ‘mustard’ because I’m studying this color or if I genuinely like this color. I’ve honestly never worn anything this shade of yellow!

Ok, moving on. Here is a sampling of the yellow items in my apartment (still working on the lighting issue). The sharpie highlighter must be the most iconic yellow object in product design history… or am I forgetting something?

I’ve changed the color of this vase and made it my particular shade of warm yellow – Pantone 123.

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