Framing the problem

We are running into some obstacles while framing the problem. We originally wanted to alleviate the confusion between the two different programs. The MFA is a brand-new program and developing it’s identity, while the MS has been in the process of mutating into something completely new as well. Neither program has a strong identity, and the problem we are facing is how to create a unified spirit between the two when there really isn’t a strong community within each department?

My first thought is to create a happy hour for MFA students. Interacting outside of the classroom is crucial and a release from a lot of the pressures we feel about our work. Everyone needs a break sometimes! But if I create an event for a class doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Shoot.

We can create a map of everyone’s commute to school to see where everyone is coming from and that will be a fun way to interact. We can set up a map of New York with all it’s boroughs and provide strings and tacks. Or we could do an emotion map and give everyone their own button or sign with their picture to put on the emotion they feel that day. Does that just give everyone more work than they want or need? Probably, but if it’s a fun and welcome diversion then maybe it’s worthwhile.

If we have something on the wall with our photos and tidbits about ourselves maybe that will be something fun for other students to look at.

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