Brightening up the place

This is the visual solution for our community building group that I am proposing in class tomorrow. This is an interesting and extreme example of what we propose for Grad ComD studios. Two artists worked with local youth to transform a notorious slum in Brazil into a fun rainbow candy-cane composition. The image represents a greater symbol of the idea that we have to transform a space through color and activity, also to enliven a drab space (especially the bathrooms). In our studio we have a different situation because we’re not trying to eradicate poverty or improve the slums, but what we do have is a chance to enrich our surroundings and experience at school. Our project could be a mural that covers the walls inside the studio or a simple collage as Brenda suggested that is begins at one end and students add to it when they have something to contribute. This project could break in the new space, and allow students to personalize it while creating an interactive community project. Also prospective students can visit and get a distinct feel for a personality and identity of the program.











The bathroom really could see the most benefit from a program like this.

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