These threads they are so fragile

I just found this random photo I took last year for the texture phase of Type 1 with Tom Dolle. I didn’t use it in my book but now I find it oddly interesting. I was going through my color phase (now I’m going through a black and white phase) – is that symbolic of my general mood? Side note: as I was going through the old photos of my husband and I, I started missing the time when we actually had a life. Now all we do is work – he’s studying for the GMAT and me in grad school. Soon enough things will be back to normal!

Anyways, back to being self-absorbed in my work. I’m excited about a few connections I made today. From a previous post: “I’ve decided that for my final project in tech studio I’m focusing on the audio aspect of the street. I can use the wavelength of an audio clip from the ambient experience of the street, then map that with visual information or doing a light or color analysis with audio. There are sound processing freewares that can do this. I’m interested in the alternate ways of experiencing an environment.” My proposal for tech studio bombed on Tuesday (don’t even want to talk about it), and it leads me back to this idea (I had forgotten about this idea, which is why I didn’t mention it in class). How can I combine the idea I have of mapping the meaning of community interactions with this audio project?

Tomorrow I’m setting up a camera on a tripod to record the time-lapse experience of Rivington street. It will be a mini investigation of time, space and community by showing different communities at different times of the day, and also how shadows transform the experience of the street. I’m doing once a minute for an hour, then another time I’ll do once an hour for 24 hours. Possibilities include: splicing the time-lapse photos into different compositions, or cut different objects out of the photo and examine how that changes the experience.

What does the visual information in our city-scape say about our society? How can we shut off the noise in order to have an inner journey instead? I’m taking photos of the busy nyc landscape and removing all signage. Also possibly adding lines to show hidden contours, shapes and patterns.

Speaking of shape abstractions, I also have an interesting project in the works using those but that needs to be developed a little bit. Warning: it might involve Plexi.

So I’m happy to report that my thesis is STILL about telling a better story about a place but my projects are getting more specific/less abstract.

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