Oh, my teacher did this.

Sooo, I was googling my teacher for Cross-Disciplinary studio next semester. She’s the only professor I haven’t met yet and I know she’s an architect so I looked to see what work she’s been doing. I found this great project that is really related to some of the work I’m doing.

This is a project from 2003, called the Urban Museum of Modern Architecture. Yale student Marisa Angell wanted to turn people’s eyes to architecture the same way that they look at museum exhibitions. She wrote copy for brochures on many buildings around New Haven, but the brochures didn’t include any pictures of the buildings, just information on the history of the building, about the architect and other buildings they’ve built. Then she worked with an architecture firm, where I think my teacher Nicole Robertson was working, to build INFObjects to be installed in the lobbies of the buildings. Each object responded to the unique characteristics of the building and space.

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  1. Ahh I love these! I think I saw the one in the Beinecke when I was there 🙂 This class sounds cool, I can't wait to see what work comes out of it! 🙂

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