Re-Imagining the city

Here it is – all one hundred + pages of my thesis book. I still have yet to get three more signatures in order to offically submit the two printed copies to the department, but I’m almost there! The printed book has front and back cover flaps, and on the inside covers/flaps are the dot screen images that you see in the beginning and end of the document.

My thesis topic is about the transformation of place when you learn about the environment around you. It’s about making the invisible visible, and telling the untold stories of the city. I’m posting this on the same day that I read this article about legendary designer Dieter Rams, which I found interesting considering his desire to use ordinary form and materials to make functional and beautiful products. Rams writes, “Not the spectacular things are the important things — the unspectacular things are the important things, especially in the future.”

His words relate to a movement towards the ordinary and “unfinished”, the handmade DIY ethos of recent years. My thesis falls into this category of understanding that our everyday environment – on the way to work, walking the dog, getting a cup of coffee – is enough. It can even be an fascinating adventure when we let our curiosity take over. My thesis is also a methodology for exploring the city, and an investigation into how a designer can approach the complexities and multiple narratives of the built environment.

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