One prism a day

So I started doing these drawings every day – minerals from a place deep in the earth, or instruments of great sensitivity and precision. This first series (these are 4 of 9 so far) I created with colored pencils. I only have a few colored pencils here with me in Spain – I will get more next week when I go back to NY for a bit. I like the limitations of using the same set of colors and abstract shape, and I’m excited to do one of these each day for a while.

It’s almost cliché to do “something a day” at this point, but it will be really positive for me to have the discipline and inspiration to make something beautiful every day. It will give me the opportunity to explore a few different mediums as well – watercolor and collage, in addition to colored pencils. I’m going to record the time of day that they are created in the title (a code). The series will be classified by different codes creating an ontology of these mythical objects.

I’m still debating whether I should start another blog, posting one each day. That seems excessive however. Maybe.

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