Sitting on a ticking time bomb

I was reading the Pantopicon blog, and this post made me stop and think: what direction is our world really going in? Humans could go in one of two directions: on one hand, there’s a resurgence of back-to-nature practices like yoga, local and organic food, crafting and the popularity of handmade elements in art and design. On the other hand, the rise in social networking sites is breathtaking. But you have to wonder as sites like Facebook, Twitter and others keep folks glued to their computers – are social networking sites actually anti-social? There’s an element of voyeurism, where you can scroll through people’s pictures, see their friends and ‘status’ without ever picking up the phone to catch up!

My husband and I are more of the pick-up-the-phone type people, and ‘hey, want to get a cocktail’ type people. But in the last year we gave in to the Facebook pull, charmed by the ease of keeping in touch and reconnecting with so many ‘faces’. I love Facebook, I must say. In terms of marketing, businesses either join FB, tweet and blog or miss out on lots of customers.

The problem with this trend is the decline of outdoor activity. According to The Nature Conservancy, visits to National Parks are down. Less time in nature means people are less aware of the value it adds to their lives, and they are less likely to protect it. I don’t know which direction the world will go, and like the sociologists suggest on the Pantopicon blog post, if half the population goes in one direction and the other half in another, we could be facing a huge problem, much like sitting on a ticking time bomb.

My solution: I’m going to visit my nearest national park. I just have to figure out where that is ….

(this photo is from a trip to the Scottish highlands)

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