Some Ramblings on Community

I’m at a point in my thesis research development in which there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I’m having trouble narrowing down to a specific direction for primary research. In terms of secondary research, the sources I have range from visual intelligence, resource sharing systems, sustainable cities, community building andContinue reading “Some Ramblings on Community”

Social Software and Me

In his article on Core77, it’s nice to hear social software designer Gentry Underwood of IDEO talk about social software like Twitter and Facebook as being in their earliest stages of development (similar to the old Windows 3.1). I think there are definitely some shortcomings in these services that could make them more constructive forContinue reading “Social Software and Me”

Sitting on a ticking time bomb

I was reading the Pantopicon blog, and this post made me stop and think: what direction is our world really going in? Humans could go in one of two directions: on one hand, there’s a resurgence of back-to-nature practices like yoga, local and organic food, crafting and the popularity of handmade elements in art andContinue reading “Sitting on a ticking time bomb”