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I have artistaday.com installed on the iGoogle homepage, so that the first thing I see each day is the artist the site chooses to feature. Probably once or twice a month I love the art so much that it captures my fleeting internet-surfing attention and makes me click. Yulia Brodskaya is an artist discovery that I am so excited to find because of her passion for typography, paper and making things with her hands. Her work is 3-dimensional, eye-catching and incredibly precise.

All images published with consent of Yulia Brodskaya

Gosh I love this one – recycled card (created with recycled cardboard)

Her clients include Starbucks, GQ, Wired, Nokia, and my favorite is this one for New Scientist:

To me the most impressive aspect of Yulia’s work is that she graduated with a masters in Visual Communications in 2006 (University of Hertfordshire, England) and has been deeply involved with paper-cut illustrations long before they became the new craze. For designers working in the past decade (or three), it seems like it would have been an uphill battle to get handmade work accepted by clients. Since we may have just concluded this era of everything-shiny-and-new, we should be seeing many more illustrators and designers picking back up the pencil and creating things that remind us of our simple human roots and wholesome values. See all Yulia Brodskaya’s work here.

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