Harmonious colors by Alberto Sevoso

I’ve had these images saved in this post for a couple days now, because I’m trying to figure out why I love them so much. They are the typographic work of artist Alberto Sevoso. I can’t tell if they are watercolor, collage or both, and I couldn’t tell you even remotely what they say, butContinue reading “Harmonious colors by Alberto Sevoso”

High Priority: The Land of Typographic Bounty

For those of you in need of an infusion of typographic inspiration, take a look at this slideshow of ‘High Priority’ artwork from New York Magazine. Hey guys, why don’t you do this anymore? For a few years, design director Luke Hayman and art director Chris Dixon selected a designer to do a typographic illustrationContinue reading “High Priority: The Land of Typographic Bounty”

Yulia Brodskaya double-take

I have artistaday.com installed on the iGoogle homepage, so that the first thing I see each day is the artist the site chooses to feature. Probably once or twice a month I love the art so much that it captures my fleeting internet-surfing attention and makes me click. Yulia Brodskaya is an artist discovery thatContinue reading “Yulia Brodskaya double-take”

Why New York Magazine will always be my favorite… as long as they cut it out with the fur

For many years that I’ve lived in New York City (seven so far), I have subscribed to New York Magazine. It’s a weekly ritual of tearing through the juicy articles, well-thought-out design and of course the too amusing approval matrix. I have to point out however that the amount of fur on the pages ofContinue reading “Why New York Magazine will always be my favorite… as long as they cut it out with the fur”