Bombs over Baghdad – an info-graphic

I don’t usually write about war topics, but I came across an incredible (and morbid) info-graphic on I wanted to share because we hear about people dying in Iraq every day, and each time I hear that there was another car bomb, another attack, my heart sinks. I’ve never seen as clear and concise an account of bombing activity in Iraq, and it helps to see the big picture of this devastating situation.

The info-graphic includes four years – from 2006 through 2009. Each bombing has a tag which contains information on deaths and more details when you click on it. In the bottom left there are two filters that you can control. Slide the year tab over to filter by when the attacks occurred, slide the death tab over to filter by the level of destruction of the attack. Thousands of people have died in Iraq from violent attacks, and as sad as each separate news report is, seeing the totals in a graphic like this really conveys the level of devastation this country is experiencing. People need proper organization of information in order to get the true story, and this is a successful solution.

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