Illustration Styles I like

I think I’m conflicted. I like two distinctly different illustration styles. Maps and infographics are so easy to understand with clean digital graphics, but I love the style of rough-drawn line drawings. Illustrations by Lamosca from Monocle Magazine Detail of a World Map poster by Japanese illustrator Satoshi Hashimoto Detail from one of Paula Scher’sContinue reading “Illustration Styles I like”

Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3

1. I picked up this Monocle magazine yesterday and fell in love with the style, layout and infographics. It reminds me a lot of Good Magazine – this style of information design is such a happy and upbeat way to represent statistics. The clean lines and simple shapes probably appeal to the organized side ofContinue reading “Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3”

Bombs over Baghdad – an info-graphic

I don’t usually write about war topics, but I came across an incredible (and morbid) info-graphic on I wanted to share because we hear about people dying in Iraq every day, and each time I hear that there was another car bomb, another attack, my heart sinks. I’ve never seen as clear and conciseContinue reading “Bombs over Baghdad – an info-graphic”