This is an unbelievable tapestry

aaxé vatapá alegria feijão, avaf 2008
Wool, silk and artificial silk tapestry with metallic thread details.
Dimensions: 11′ 5″ x 6′ 8″

It is the most provocative and energetic tapestry I’ve ever seen, and I thought fitting for my color blog. By the way, the artist’s name means ‘assume vivid astro focus’ and they are an anonymous artists collective, but we do know they are founded by a New York based Brazilian artist. Why do people remain anonymous… unless they are breaking some sort of law. hmmm….

This tapestry and many more can be found on the Banners of Persuation site, which is the design team that commissioned this artist and 14 others to create tapestries based on their work. The tapestries are now on view at James Cohan gallery in New York. Found this link via the Artcrush newsletter from Flavorpill. LOVE Flavorpill and I’m so happy I subscribed to their emails. Even though I get flooded with emails every day, I always pause to check out Artcrush and Flavorwire.

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