Anastassia Elias creates beautiful art from toilet paper rolls

I was searching for inspiration for my Type 2 assignment today, and I came across this blog post, from the My Modern Metropolis network. I’m always on the lookout for innovative reuse of materials, and may be one of the only people on Earth that recycles the cardboard middle of toilet paper rolls, and these images really blew me away.

The scenes are so intricate and adorable, but they have such a nostalgic mood as well. The subject matter contributes to that feeling, from the schoolchildren and lady drying her clothes on the hanging lines, to the timeless subject of kids building snowmen with the watchful dog. They show fine attention to detail and craft, and very impactful lighting. The warm sepia tone of the paper cutouts and lighting of the brown paperboard create an atmosphere of a simpler time… maybe a time when people actually reused things like the cardboard in a toilet paper roll! Utterly brilliant.

They are the work of Anastassia Elias, an artist living in Paris. Here is her blog and here is her portfolio on Behance. I’m so excited about finding this person I can barely contain myself, all of her work is beautiful and timeless.

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