Color Study: A Devo Inc Initiative

I have to say, this is really amazing. It’s a parody on a real brand research project by the 80’s band Devo. Found this by way of Core77 today, and thoroughly enjoyed myself while figuring out my Devo color – blue of course! This is what was posted on my Facebook page:
My Devo Color is Blue!– hot but cool, sexy, crooning, “Fresh”. Participate in the Devo Color Study. Your input will determine a new brand color for the infamous art-band, and help turn them into a pop machine that appeals to everybody. Duty Now for the Future!

It’s a joke… or is it? They are relaunching their band/brand, so maybe this is just the prank to get people’s attention. It’s a beautifully designed survey – need to go post it on my interaction design blog now!

Check out the video of their color focus groups here.

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