This is the first project I created for visual language this semester. Our task was to create an autobiographical folio. I looked at the various stages of my life and correlating interests, and decided that my foray into film and acting was the most transformational time in my life. I wrote a short script about a girl searching through New York City for something she lost… sometime, somewhere.

This project is a psychogeography of new york, and I’m happy that it relates to my thesis more than I originally thought. I was able to tell a personal story and tried to provide an intimate experience for the reader, which is something new for me. My work until now has been either crafty, abstract, commercial or scientific so I enjoyed creating this juxtaposition of narrative and high contrast photos of New York. My inspiration for this project were the films of Robert Bresson, and I tried to capture the peace and transcendence representative of his work.

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