two projects to focus on for community building

I’m happy with our direction but we’ve gone through so many different paths and are still unclear on exactly what we’re doing. We have one project that focuses on the MFA population (personalized plants), and one that creates an interactive mural for everyone (MS and MFA) to play with. We have push pins, rubber bands and string to start. We realized that we need to work within a limited budget (i.e. no budget) to get this project done.

We need a design brief for each project so we know exactly what steps to take over the next few weeks. We also need to create a schedule – for example what day to get everyone together for planting.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to get in touch with a few more people to interview. Besides defining transformation design, I’m really curious what direction designers see the field going in. I feel like as school goes on I get more and more confused about what design is exactly. The industry is going through an identity crisis and we’re the best people to come up with a solution!

Before we started going in our current pushpin direction, I was looking at the bathroom as a possibility for an art intervention.

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It could obviously use some sprucing up. The bathroom is traditionally a place for vulgar or witty remarks written on the walls. In some places the walls are covered in words, stickers and graffiti (Max Fish and St. Jerome’s in the les are examples). It’s the perfect place for an art intervention because it can be an attempt to make people aware of a condition that they previously had no knowledge of. The subversive tradition of bathroom graffiti can be married nicely with a meaningful/ funny statement or poetry relevant to our lives as comd students. It would be really interesting to have poetry contributed by students, then create a collage that looks thrown together but with a lot of underlying meaning. Martin Firrell and Jenny Holzer are artists (images below) that do entirely typographic projections on surfaces in public areas and significant buildings.

Possible bathroom surfaces to use: doors, mirrors, or walls. Possible materials for this project: projector, latex bonding primer, paint, paintbrushes OR custom vinyl decals OR spraypaint/stencils, sharpies.

Another fun collage idea would be if everyone contributed a number, letter or illustration and we create a collage based on that. Inspired by the image of the vinyl wall decal below.

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