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I worked at RxArt this past summer, and among many other things I created this poster for the fundraising gala. I was the only designer on staff and didn’t have a ton of feedback from colleagues, which I found difficult after a two year program of endless feedback and critique. But sometimes it’s nice to work solo, not all the time but completing this project on my own from initial concept to press check was quite fulfulling.

RxArt is an organization that curates contemporary art installations in hospitals around the US, and their annual fundraiser is a major event in New York City. This fall it was sponsored by Chanel BeautĂ©, and featured an art auction with work from Dan Colen, Miranda July, Terence Koh, and Yoko Ono to name a few. A very cool organization doing very cool things, and I am so happy that I’m able to be a part of the family now. I have another project in the works, that is a redesign of the press package – an abbreviated version that has taken the form of a deck of cards. We’ll see how it goes!

All of the current information about RxArt is found on the front of the poster, which folds out twice for the full read (or the two-page option shown above), then Rob Pruitt, who generously donated the zebra artwork for the cover of the Between the Lines coloring book, agreed to have it printed full-bleed on the back for an added bonus for attendees of the gala.

The poster was found in the Chanel gift bags as guests were leaving the gala. I thought it would be so fabulous for people to have a great time at the party, then get home and say, “let me read all about this amazing organization” … And so my vision of this unconventional poster came to life. It is inspired by the immediacy of a newspaper (or newsletter) because it contains all of the most current news, and the poster on the back gives it that extra dimension. This is an organization devoted to great art, after all.

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