#artTech: The art world is failing and we can help

It was a day the art world had never seen before. Last Monday at Christie’s auction house in New York, a Picasso painting sold for $179 million, which sets a record for the most expensive item ever to sell at auction. In total, the auction house sold more than $1 billion of art over three days –Continue reading “#artTech: The art world is failing and we can help”

Poster-girl for organization

I worked at RxArt this past summer, and among many other things I created this poster for the fundraising gala. I was the only designer on staff and didn’t have a ton of feedback from colleagues, which I found difficult after a two year program of endless feedback and critique. But sometimes it’s nice toContinue reading “Poster-girl for organization”

Play, Space and Place

I so thoroughly enjoy artwork that changes the way we view our cities. Similar to the artists I talked about in this previous post, Chris Martin and Arnaud LaPierre are two artists asking us to rethink our city experience. It’s not about focusing on or changing small details in our environment, but more of aContinue reading “Play, Space and Place”

How cool is this building?

Caixaforum is an art gallery and cultural center in Madrid, that I passed by today while taking photos of our neighborhood. In 2008 the architects Herzog and de Meuron coverted an 1899 power station, literally lifted it off the ground to create a covered plaza underneath. The higher levels of the structure are sculpted toContinue reading “How cool is this building?”

Elena Asins: An architect’s dream artist

Yesterday I went to the Museo Reina Sofia here in Madrid, and in ten enormous rooms on the third floor was the exhibition of Elena Asin’s work: Fragmentos de la memoria. She was born in 1940 in Madrid, and is one of the first artists in Spain to use the computer to assist her work,Continue reading “Elena Asins: An architect’s dream artist”

The eternal search for beauty

We visited Iceland after my graduation in May, and the highlight of the trip for me was visiting this tiny museum on the outskirts of Reykjavik. The museum is dedicated to the artist Ásmundur Sveinsson (b.1893) with a complete retrospective of his lifetime of work, and displays his artistic development with volumes and volumes ofContinue reading “The eternal search for beauty”

Flux/S, Richard Galpin and Joseph Beuys

Flux/S took over an open urban space at Strijp-S in Eindoven that looks otherwise unappealing to do some pretty fantastic activities. Let’s see, there’s an open symphony (everyone brings their instrument and starts playing), hula hooping, twister, and other play date favorites. This is the third edition of the arts festival and they chose thisContinue reading “Flux/S, Richard Galpin and Joseph Beuys”