Endings, and new beginnings

New and improved! Identity for The Writers Room:

Sometimes I work at their space on Astor and Broadway and I’m secretly hoping that I learn how to be a writer by osmosis. Side note about the logo: the tagline is just a friend to the logo, they’re not married. The logo can easily survive on its own šŸ™‚

In other news, The New School site just launched. newschool.edu
I am really happy with how it turned out. I worked on the home page, academics page, and other top level pages. It was my first big client foray into responsive design, and I’m still collecting my thoughts on the topic. I really enjoyed Rob Giampietro’s presentation at this year’s Build conference, entitled, “Unbuilding”.

In the presentation he uses the metaphor of UN-building, of removal, or reversal, to describe the current era of web design. The truth is, we have not had the opportunity to see this era very objectively yet. It is so new. But he makes a great point, that there is no web design canon. What museum do you know that has websites in their collections? Museums, do you hear me?? I dare you to start! Here is one suggestion: http://www.grafill.no/

The thing that attracts me to web design is the same thing that probably keeps museums away. There are too many competing factors that go into the design, and it’s quite a commercial process in most cases. I have an app called The Silent History, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in stunning visual design combined with storytelling. It’s quite disorienting at first, then you become captivated by the novel itself and fall in love with the sexy interface. It’s inspiring for my personal project because the freedom to create without restriction is palpable.

I went to the AIGA “Future of Design” talk last night, and one of the points that I took from it was to constantly be developing self-initiated projects. If you are interested in ground-breaking, in innovation, you need to look past the needs of today.

My two freelance projects are almost wrapped so perfect timing to make a fresh start for the new year! Here we go!!!!!

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