Concept, play, and the space between

I went to see Sascha Lobe speak on Tuesday night at MAD, as part of AIGA design talk extravaganza. He runs L2M3 in Germany. And he’s really hot. Once I got over that and started paying attention (lets be honest, I still haven’t gotten over it), it reminded me of the work I did with BaseContinue reading “Concept, play, and the space between”

Making connections

In the past few years since I started this blog, it’s biggest purpose has been to make connections between the thoughts in my head and the work I’m doing. I have a major connection to make, that gets to the heart of why I do what I do. For the past four months I’ve beenContinue reading “Making connections”

Endings, and new beginnings

New and improved! Identity for The Writers Room: Sometimes I work at their space on Astor and Broadway and I’m secretly hoping that I learn how to be a writer by osmosis. Side note about the logo: the tagline is just a friend to the logo, they’re not married. The logo can easily survive onContinue reading “Endings, and new beginnings”

We’re not in Madrid anymore, Toto

SO much has happened, y’all. Ok so yeah, I’m not living in Spain anymore. What an incredible experience to have lived in Madrid for nine months, working with the good people at Base.  Whilst in Madrid, I created a signage system for this building. A recently renovated building in historical bustling downtown Madrid. We gotContinue reading “We’re not in Madrid anymore, Toto”

A sense of place and frameworks for the web

Previously, I’ve written about the differences between looking at digital vs architectural space, but I’m also interested in the similarities. There are two concepts in web design/user experience that come from the physical world. Number one, a sense of place. Two, frameworks. How do you create a sense of place when designing for the web?Continue reading “A sense of place and frameworks for the web”

Truth, transparency and the web

My current preoccupation is with visual characteristics of websites I’ve encountered lately. I’m working on two web projects – one for a client and one for my own idea – and in my research I’ve been observing some interesting trends in digital space. When creating an identity for a new business, one of the mostContinue reading “Truth, transparency and the web”

Thoughts on the Palacio de Cristal and the translation of architectural space to digital

Some background for this post: I started thinking about and writing about space for an academic paper submission. This is a culmination of a few months of thoughts and notes scattered through various notebooks, word docs and scraps of paper. I found it really interesting that everything I’ve been thinking about over this length ofContinue reading “Thoughts on the Palacio de Cristal and the translation of architectural space to digital”