Making connections

In the past few years since I started this blog, it’s biggest purpose has been to make connections between the thoughts in my head and the work I’m doing. I have a major connection to make, that gets to the heart of why I do what I do. For the past four months I’ve beenContinue reading “Making connections”

A sense of place and frameworks for the web

Previously, I’ve written about the differences between looking at digital vs architectural space, but I’m also interested in the similarities. There are two concepts in web design/user experience that come from the physical world. Number one, a sense of place. Two, frameworks. How do you create a sense of place when designing for the web?Continue reading “A sense of place and frameworks for the web”

Kevin Lynch, ideas and documentation map

One more book to read: Kevin Lynch The Image of the City, 1961 I spent the afternoon on Friday reading Adrian Forty’s Words and Buildings. In the book there is a diagram from Kevin Lynch called “Form Qualities of the City” in which he simplifies our visual world to nine different illustrations. To Lynch andContinue reading “Kevin Lynch, ideas and documentation map”