Rethinking Retail: 4 Opportunities to Upgrade the Associate Experience

At HBC Tech, one of the company’s current initiatives is to bridge the divide between the physical and digital experience. Saks Fifth Avenue has a considerable network of retail locations throughout the US, and our goal is to use technology to entice more people into these stores. More specifically, one initiative focuses on connecting newContinue reading “Rethinking Retail: 4 Opportunities to Upgrade the Associate Experience”

The reader gives text its meaning

Roland Barthes wrote in his essay “Death of the Author” that it is not about the meaning the author gives to a work – it’s the reader that gives text its meaning. Along the same lines, for my current project Tomorrow and Today my intention is that the varying perspectives of others will give the work itsContinue reading “The reader gives text its meaning”

Learning from users and creating kick ass products

I recently realized that I don’t really make websites anymore (captain obvious!). I’ve been immersed in product design and startups for the last year of my life, and have been designing web products that have more requirements than designing a pure content site. There’s lots of banter about “website vs app”, but one of theContinue reading “Learning from users and creating kick ass products”