The Earliest Stage of a Startup: Finding Your Purpose

Something I’ve always found useful is documenting my process and publishing it. It allows me to follow the thread of ideas and crucial areas to return to (or to let go). I’ve been working for nine years and freelancing for five of those (counting two years in grad school), so I’ve had a wide varietyContinue reading “The Earliest Stage of a Startup: Finding Your Purpose”

The reader gives text its meaning

Roland Barthes wrote in his essay “Death of the Author” that it is not about the meaning the author gives to a work – it’s the reader that gives text its meaning. Along the same lines, for my current project Tomorrow and Today my intention is that the varying perspectives of others will give the work itsContinue reading “The reader gives text its meaning”

Design as Art

In a recent Fast Company article, artist Olafur Eliasson proclaims that architects are not artists. “I think architects are much too sophisticated to be artists, and they are trained in the great art of making compromises to keep the client happy.” The subtle dance of the designer/client relationship makes completing a great work of architectureContinue reading “Design as Art”