Harmonious colors by Alberto Sevoso

I’ve had these images saved in this post for a couple days now, because I’m trying to figure out why I love them so much. They are the typographic work of artist Alberto Sevoso. I can’t tell if they are watercolor, collage or both, and I couldn’t tell you even remotely what they say, but I chose to write about them because I’m drawn to the colors, layers and complex handmade feel.

I will try to explain why I think these colors are harmonious. I know they are harmonious because they create a very pleasing effect, but I’m not 100% sure why. In the first image, there are many reds and the most saturated color on the page is reddish-blue (purple). As a wisp of a detail in the corners of the composition is yellow, the complementary color. I’m a huge fan of yellow and purple in compositions, and I see here that it’s stronger overall when one of the colors is dominant. Also playing off the dominant purple color are the many tints of red that appear to disappear into the depths of the page.

In the second image, orange is the dominant color and the lighter blue tint peeks out from the background to complement. The purple and yellow are also playing around with each other in this one, and I just realized that all of his compositions have this great neutral base that makes the more vibrant colors shine. Well, love it! Have no idea what they say but love it!!!

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