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I came across this post on the Landor blog from Jack Bredenfoerder while scanning through my bookmarks the other day. It is very relevant to our current project in class, which is to do a trend forecast for a specific color. My color is yellow, so I think it’s great that 2010 all of the popular colors are related to tropical vacations because yellow reminds us of sunshine!

Jack Bredenfoerder is design director of Cincinatti-based Landor, and internationally recognized as a color expert. In his article ‘Blue is the new Green’ he explains the need for a bright ‘forward-thinking’ blue (that he would call Beyond Belief Blue) because blues are so ubiquitous and such a safe choice that they tend to blend in together. He goes on to explain that greens are tilting towards blue in global preference. And I forgot this fun fact – for many years in China, they did not distinguish between green and blue. They called them the same color, which is a great example of how objective colors are, and how it’s possible to classify them in so many different ways. He says this about yellow: “Yellow, in most cultures, is associated with the power and energy of the sun and is a perfect partner for sustaining and adding power to green.” Hmm yellow adds power… that’s interesting because it’s not what I would have thought. I tend to think of yellow as a weak color, but I’m looking forward to exploring it more and being proven wrong!

A fun aspect of predicting color trends is that Hollywood has so much to do with it. Keeping an eye on the red carpet can unveil important new color combinations that could blow up into a global trend.

“While on the Lost tour there was a lot of conversation about Egypt and its ancient deities and how they may be involved in the final episodes. Specifically, Aton and Ra were discussed. Both are sun gods—Aton is a monotheist deity and Ra is a polytheist deity. Expect warm golden yellows and pearly gold metallics. A good representation of these colors would be in the gown that Nicole Kidman recently wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards.” Bredenfoerder also discusses the Avatar trend towards global environmental awareness, and predicts that luminescence and 3D will be huge trends in electronics. And did you know the Avatar blue color has a name!? It’s called Yves Klein International Blue, named after the artist who first mixed it. Here are the the color trend predictions for 2010!

Image courtesy of Jack Bredenfoerder, Landor Associates.

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2 thoughts on “Color Forecasting

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks for this great response to my Landor Blog post. I just got a link in this morning from Color Marketing Group ( a blog featuring the new MAC cosmetics spring color collection. It's very bright and tropical. I thought you might enjoy it…

    Also, Did you notice all the Yves Klein International at the Olympic opening ceremonies? It was a great ground to set off all the bright color stories.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment. I checked out the MAC link and I love the amber color trend! It's close to 124 and 131 on your chart.

    hmm.. so the lighting on the audience was Yves Klein? That's amazing – did not notice that! Well, I will be keeping up to date on your color forecasting posts. Thanks so much for the great info. LOVED Nicole Kidman's gown by the way. So glad that people took notice of what a trend-setting look that was.

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