Notes on Creativity and Originality in Digital Product Design

Designers are extremely creative people, but the design of websites and digital products is becoming less and less so. And it’s not just because of responsive web design. I’ve been thinking about why this is happening, and in my research for a new platform I’m building, I asked many designers their opinions on the topic.Continue reading “Notes on Creativity and Originality in Digital Product Design”

Design Principles [WIP]

AKA a (trying not to be douchey) design manifesto for myself while designing for the Internets. Message It’s not about what program you’re using, it’s about the message you’re trying to communicate. Choose the tool that satisfies your objectives.  Integrity Form follows function. Think It’s not about whether designers should code, or whether everything shouldContinue reading “Design Principles [WIP]”

Some inspiration for this week and weekend

I have an idea. I’m designing it now but I really need some inspiration. Here’s what’s getting me going.  Nomed font by Med Ness Anton Pearson Looks a bit like Verlag, no? Rodrigo Maltchique Braga Rodrigo Maltchique Braga Images from (via my rss feed). I LOVE my iGoogle home page. In addition to myContinue reading “Some inspiration for this week and weekend”