Notes on Creativity and Originality in Digital Product Design

Designers are extremely creative people, but the design of websites and digital products is becoming less and less so. And it’s not just because of responsive web design. I’ve been thinking about why this is happening, and in my research for a new platform I’m building, I asked many designers their opinions on the topic.Continue reading “Notes on Creativity and Originality in Digital Product Design”

The Earliest Stage of a Startup: Finding Your Purpose

Something I’ve always found useful is documenting my process and publishing it. It allows me to follow the thread of ideas and crucial areas to return to (or to let go). I’ve been working for nine years and freelancing for five of those (counting two years in grad school), so I’ve had a wide varietyContinue reading “The Earliest Stage of a Startup: Finding Your Purpose”

Design Principles [WIP]

AKA a (trying not to be douchey) design manifesto for myself while designing for the Internets. Message It’s not about what program you’re using, it’s about the message you’re trying to communicate. Choose the tool that satisfies your objectives.  Integrity Form follows function. Think It’s not about whether designers should code, or whether everything shouldContinue reading “Design Principles [WIP]”

I’m Giving a Talk, Y’all!

The event is called, Design Marathon: The Design that Changed the World. I’m excited! My talk is on technology and art, and how there are major opportunities for disruption in the industry. Blog post on the same topic to come shortly!

A new paradigm

A friend of mine uses Google Glass to record her painting process, and she uses the phrase “shortening time between intention and action” to describe wearable technologies. It’s a powerful change to suddenly not need to reach for our phone and lower our gaze to search for something, capture a memory, or discover new information. It isContinue reading “A new paradigm”

A New Perspective

Over past two years I’ve had a major pendulum swing from design based on cultural immersion to design based on technological immersion, also from a process guided by a creative director to a process guided by a lean methodology. Even though all of my work is built in code now, my inspiration still comes fromContinue reading “A New Perspective”

Defining roles that defy definition

I went to an Ada’s list event a few days ago and someone asked me what kind of design I do. For a moment I had no idea what to say. I told her that my background is in graphic design and nowadays I eat and excrete digital. Working on a team in an agile environment definitelyContinue reading “Defining roles that defy definition”

Process and pedagogy

There’s a conference happening at the moment a few blocks away from me at the Barbican. It’s bringing together all of the biggest names in graphic design – Paula Scher, Kenya Hara, Tony Brook – for a couple days, to spark dialogue. The idea is that instead of designers pontificating at the audience, they willContinue reading “Process and pedagogy”