Notes on Creativity and Originality in Digital Product Design

Designers are extremely creative people, but the design of websites and digital products is becoming less and less so. And it’s not just because of responsive web design. I’ve been thinking about why this is happening, and in my research for a new platform I’m building, I asked many designers their opinions on the topic.Continue reading “Notes on Creativity and Originality in Digital Product Design”

Designers of the signs that guide you

I’m starting a new full-time (freelance) job in two weeks here in London. It’s with a digital product agency called Made by Many and I can’t wait to be one of the Many… who makes web things. My transition to the new job is making me pause and reflect on some of the experiences I’veContinue reading “Designers of the signs that guide you”

Process and pedagogy

There’s a conference happening at the moment a few blocks away from me at the Barbican. It’s bringing together all of the biggest names in graphic design – Paula Scher, Kenya Hara, Tony Brook – for a couple days, to spark dialogue. The idea is that instead of designers pontificating at the audience, they willContinue reading “Process and pedagogy”

Evolution of a designer’s process

I  lost my Muji file folder with a notebook I used for my work with Base Madrid. Admittedly it made me nostalgic for those days. Most of the time I think nostalgia is useless, but it made me reflect on the evolution of my process – from that time when it was more conceptual andContinue reading “Evolution of a designer’s process”