Giant pink sheep in the Puerta de Alcalá

I think the only thing the Puerta de Alcalá is missing is a giant pink sheep. Here’s why. Around November 20th every year, shepherds bring their flocks of sheep directly through the center of Madrid, in between these two stone markers (mojones) on the eastern side of Plaza Alcalá. This is supposed to be quiteContinue reading “Giant pink sheep in the Puerta de Alcalá”

Making progress – final projects for the semester

All of the roads are leading to the same place now. I think for a while I was exploring many different directions and I feel like now I’m on only one path, which is good! I have an idea that’s still being formed, but it involves a shape/symbol/index framing some part of the cityscape. HereContinue reading “Making progress – final projects for the semester”

Cittaslow and Girard

I just read a fascinating article by the Italian professor Luigi Fusco Girard. One of his main points is that sustainable conservation and renewable energy usage should go hand-in-hand. “Conservation of urban heritage can be genuinely sustainable to the extent that it revitalizes communities by creating a dynamic, growth-oriented mix of new functions that regenerateContinue reading “Cittaslow and Girard”

Berenice Abbott/my obsession with historical images of New York

Over the last few weeks of summer, I created a project using historical images of New York City’s Lower East Side. After a few trips to the NYPL Image Library (great resource btw), I found images organized by street name and neighborhood that would work. I wanted to capture the timeless essence of the neighborhoodContinue reading “Berenice Abbott/my obsession with historical images of New York”

The thing is…

In my thesis I don’t want to put more printed matter into the universe or send more needless messages. I want to create something of value, that hopefully decreases the high concentration of visual stimuli in our lives. Today I sat and drew a lamp post in the Lower East side, and was so annoyedContinue reading “The thing is…”