What is all this psychogeographic stuff?

In the hopes of learning through making, I’ve explored a few possibilities for maps of my own. This isn’t really a map but I wanted to include it anyways because when I started writing this post I was reminded of it. My friend Betsy asked me to contribute to an exquisite corpse project she wasContinue reading “What is all this psychogeographic stuff?”

Continuing on the road to abstraction

I had a great and productive meeting with Michelle Hinebrook today. She’s not a thesis advisor but I thought I would benefit from her perspective so I asked her to take a look at what I’m working on. She thought I should feel comfortable to go further into abstraction and be limitless at this point.Continue reading “Continuing on the road to abstraction”

Richard Tuttle and notes from my thesis presentation

I found an artist’s work that represents the ideas floating around in my head perfectly. Richard Tuttle abstracts form in such a basic way and creates dynamic, balanced compositions. While I’m on the subject of abstraction of form, I should post the drawings I created last week. I used one image of the street inContinue reading “Richard Tuttle and notes from my thesis presentation”

Looking Up and Other Inspiration

So I found this project, Sketches from Street Level, on Flickr after I had just finished an almost identical one that I called looking up. This photographer and I definitely have the same interests! See below: I’m thinking that I can use this project as a jumping off point to transition to looking out atContinue reading “Looking Up and Other Inspiration”

Berenice Abbott/my obsession with historical images of New York

Over the last few weeks of summer, I created a project using historical images of New York City’s Lower East Side. After a few trips to the NYPL Image Library (great resource btw), I found images organized by street name and neighborhood that would work. I wanted to capture the timeless essence of the neighborhoodContinue reading “Berenice Abbott/my obsession with historical images of New York”