Architecture that tells a story

Madrid definitely has an eclectic mix of architecture, as I’ve already posted a few examples of (lizard and wedding cake buildings, most ostentatious belle epoque, and Herzog and de Meuron’s masterpiece). You can really get a feel for the history of Spain, just by walking around and observing different architectural influences over the centuries. Unfortunately,Continue reading “Architecture that tells a story”

What is all this psychogeographic stuff?

In the hopes of learning through making, I’ve explored a few possibilities for maps of my own. This isn’t really a map but I wanted to include it anyways because when I started writing this post I was reminded of it. My friend Betsy asked me to contribute to an exquisite corpse project she wasContinue reading “What is all this psychogeographic stuff?”

Continuing on the road to abstraction

I had a great and productive meeting with Michelle Hinebrook today. She’s not a thesis advisor but I thought I would benefit from her perspective so I asked her to take a look at what I’m working on. She thought I should feel comfortable to go further into abstraction and be limitless at this point.Continue reading “Continuing on the road to abstraction”

The thing is…

In my thesis I don’t want to put more printed matter into the universe or send more needless messages. I want to create something of value, that hopefully decreases the high concentration of visual stimuli in our lives. Today I sat and drew a lamp post in the Lower East side, and was so annoyedContinue reading “The thing is…”

Presentation from our last Directed Research class

For some reason, I felt it was important to narrow down my thesis topic to focus on tourism for my last DR class. I’ve since completely changed my interests, but it is still fascinating how dependent we are on maps to guide us in a new place. If one point on a map is omitted,Continue reading “Presentation from our last Directed Research class”

Manhole Covers, The Naked City and Paul Klee

In class two weeks ago, I read a thesis from 2001 called ‘Manhole Covers and Other Art Underfoot’. I was mostly interested in discovering how to create a thesis out of a concept so abstract. The author found that upon transitioning to a pedestrian lifestyle after moving to New York City, she began noticing andContinue reading “Manhole Covers, The Naked City and Paul Klee”

Illustration Styles I like

I think I’m conflicted. I like two distinctly different illustration styles. Maps and infographics are so easy to understand with clean digital graphics, but I love the style of rough-drawn line drawings. Illustrations by Lamosca from Monocle Magazine Detail of a World Map poster by Japanese illustrator Satoshi Hashimoto Detail from one of Paula Scher’sContinue reading “Illustration Styles I like”

Dichotomy in the fashion world

It was bad timing for H&M recently, getting caught trashing bags of clothing in the middle of a really bad recession and ridiculously cold winter. Throwing the clothes out in trash bags wasn’t enough for this global retailer – they feel the need to slash the clothing so that they will be less enticing toContinue reading “Dichotomy in the fashion world”