#artTech: The art world is failing and we can help

It was a day the art world had never seen before. Last Monday at Christie’s auction house in New York, a Picasso painting sold for $179 million, which sets a record for the most expensive item ever to sell at auction. In total, the auction house sold more than $1 billion of art over three days –Continue reading “#artTech: The art world is failing and we can help”

Evolution of a designer’s process

I  lost my Muji file folder with a notebook I used for my work with Base Madrid. Admittedly it made me nostalgic for those days. Most of the time I think nostalgia is useless, but it made me reflect on the evolution of my process – from that time when it was more conceptual andContinue reading “Evolution of a designer’s process”

The future is (almost) here

I’ve been to many conferences so far in my burgeoning life as a web designer. There are some that seem heavily used for PR efforts and some that are just an utter mess, so it’s nice when it feels like a really well-organized, sincere and thoughtful event. dConstruct is one of the good kind. IContinue reading “The future is (almost) here”