Concept, play, and the space between

I went to see Sascha Lobe speak on Tuesday night at MAD, as part of AIGA design talk extravaganza. He runs L2M3 in Germany. And he’s really hot. Once I got over that and started paying attention (lets be honest, I still haven’t gotten over it), it reminded me of the work I did with BaseContinue reading “Concept, play, and the space between”

Elena Asins: An architect’s dream artist

Yesterday I went to the Museo Reina Sofia here in Madrid, and in ten enormous rooms on the third floor was the exhibition of Elena Asin’s work: Fragmentos de la memoria. She was born in 1940 in Madrid, and is one of the first artists in Spain to use the computer to assist her work,Continue reading “Elena Asins: An architect’s dream artist”

What is all this psychogeographic stuff?

In the hopes of learning through making, I’ve explored a few possibilities for maps of my own. This isn’t really a map but I wanted to include it anyways because when I started writing this post I was reminded of it. My friend Betsy asked me to contribute to an exquisite corpse project she wasContinue reading “What is all this psychogeographic stuff?”

Continuing on the road to abstraction

I had a great and productive meeting with Michelle Hinebrook today. She’s not a thesis advisor but I thought I would benefit from her perspective so I asked her to take a look at what I’m working on. She thought I should feel comfortable to go further into abstraction and be limitless at this point.Continue reading “Continuing on the road to abstraction”