Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3

1. I picked up this Monocle magazine yesterday and fell in love with the style, layout and infographics. It reminds me a lot of Good Magazine – this style of information design is such a happy and upbeat way to represent statistics. The clean lines and simple shapes probably appeal to the organized side of my personality.

2. This is a take-out bag from a recent trip to Chipotle. It made me start thinking that so much more can be done with packaging and takeaway items from local businesses and restaurants. There could be more of a connection to the community – for example, a picture and story of a child from a local school and their artwork or story.

3. I was so excited to get an email with a link to David Lynch’s Interview project. His son Austin travelled around the country interviewing 121 people in their communities, which results in a soulful look into the essence of America. The focus is on the individuals and their stories, and the interviews are structured in a way that they are able to really speak their minds. It is a beautiful character study – of the people and of our country as a whole. This is an image from the article in Big Picture magazine that I grabbed from the blog of Julie Pepin – the still photographer for the project.

4. Observation Journal Part 3
I’m beginning to understand more what I’m trying to find with my observation journal. I’m very interested in way-finding systems and methods – maps, symbols and images that help people move around in the least confusing way possible. Or I also just like when they’re for decoration too.

How gorgeous are those radishes? I couldn’t eat them because they had bacon on them but Dean said they were really good.

I took the photos in the subway because I thought it was so interesting that there’s this cold and unfriendly sign called ‘Neighborhood Institutions’ – they list AIGA on there because it’s the 23rd street stop. Needless to say, this system could be improved to make people feel more welcomed into the neighborhood. Also the posters tacked on the wall contain line changes due to service and construction but there are a few that could be used for community programs and events! What a great place to introduce people to the neighborhood and give them ideas on where to go.

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