Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3

1. I picked up this Monocle magazine yesterday and fell in love with the style, layout and infographics. It reminds me a lot of Good Magazine – this style of information design is such a happy and upbeat way to represent statistics. The clean lines and simple shapes probably appeal to the organized side ofContinue reading “Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3”

Color Workshop Wrap-Up (and related ideas)

During this course I began to develop an awareness of subtle colors in my environment. For example, the million different whites that are available or the various different yellows developed from the reflection of sunlight. In my future work as a designer, I would like to explore the concept of beauty in the mundane, everydayContinue reading “Color Workshop Wrap-Up (and related ideas)”

A few things I learned from Giovanni Marra (Pantone)

We had a great guest lecturer in class on Tuesday – Giovanni Marra, Director of Corporate Marketing for Pantone. First let me say that he has a great job – studying color, travelling to exotic destinations for research, selling color to top names in fashion, design and other industries. It was interesting to learn aboutContinue reading “A few things I learned from Giovanni Marra (Pantone)”

Ed Fella on the art of everyday things

Ed Fella talks about under the radar design in this interview with Little and Company. He shows a scrapbook of his substantial collection of everyday items that fascinate him. He admits that professional designers probably didn’t even design these things, like take-out menus, ticket stubs, etc but he describes them as a vernacular of everydayContinue reading “Ed Fella on the art of everyday things”