A few thoughts on storytelling

In my field I hear the word storytelling a lot. What is it exactly? Storytelling is a verbal journey that a companion or complete stranger is able to lead us on. It’s a tool to connect us all – regardless of creed, color or background – on a human level. The deepest level. It makesContinue reading “A few thoughts on storytelling”

Flux/S, Richard Galpin and Joseph Beuys

Flux/S took over an open urban space at Strijp-S in Eindoven that looks otherwise unappealing to do some pretty fantastic activities. Let’s see, there’s an open symphony (everyone brings their instrument and starts playing), hula hooping, twister, and other play date favorites. This is the third edition of the arts festival and they chose thisContinue reading “Flux/S, Richard Galpin and Joseph Beuys”

A psychological interlude

As my mind was racing last night after a whirlwind Christmas holiday, I decided to glance through my notes from the beginning of my thesis journey. Besides getting even more confused about what I want to do, I may have stumbled upon the overall meaning of my work. I grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut onContinue reading “A psychological interlude”

Exhibitions and installations based on psychogeography

Of the two festivals that offer installations and performances roughly based on psychogeography, Conflux and AIOP seem to have lost a strong thread tying all of the exhibitions together. The individual installations and performances included in these events are only scratching the surface, but when viewed as a collective festival it infuses the urban landscapeContinue reading “Exhibitions and installations based on psychogeography”

oooooh! I’m starting to get it

Michelle also said something in our meeting on Thursday that made me think. How do I see this work entering the community itself? What do I see as the site-specific application of my abstractions, symbols and drawings? I just discovered a Brooklyn artist who places tape in geometric (mostly cubes and rectangles) shapes in theContinue reading “oooooh! I’m starting to get it”

Manhole Covers, The Naked City and Paul Klee

In class two weeks ago, I read a thesis from 2001 called ‘Manhole Covers and Other Art Underfoot’. I was mostly interested in discovering how to create a thesis out of a concept so abstract. The author found that upon transitioning to a pedestrian lifestyle after moving to New York City, she began noticing andContinue reading “Manhole Covers, The Naked City and Paul Klee”

Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3

1. I picked up this Monocle magazine yesterday and fell in love with the style, layout and infographics. It reminds me a lot of Good Magazine – this style of information design is such a happy and upbeat way to represent statistics. The clean lines and simple shapes probably appeal to the organized side ofContinue reading “Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3”