A psychological interlude

As my mind was racing last night after a whirlwind Christmas holiday, I decided to glance through my notes from the beginning of my thesis journey. Besides getting even more confused about what I want to do, I may have stumbled upon the overall meaning of my work. I grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut onContinue reading “A psychological interlude”

Community Building

In the Spring semester I was awarded a Pratt Fellowship to work on community building activities with the Communications Committee, the Grad ComD student group. Camille McMorrow and I decided the best way to create community was to introduce skill-sharing workshops where people could also recycle all of their discarded prints to create beautiful art.Continue reading “Community Building”

Presentation from our last Directed Research class

For some reason, I felt it was important to narrow down my thesis topic to focus on tourism for my last DR class. I’ve since completely changed my interests, but it is still fascinating how dependent we are on maps to guide us in a new place. If one point on a map is omitted,Continue reading “Presentation from our last Directed Research class”

Still expanding the possibilities

At this point I thought I would have narrowed down my topic for thesis. (Fortunately or) Unfortunately I am still expanding the possibilities for my topic but seem to be approaching something that really resonates with me. I keep returning to the topic of awareness of place, as well as the connection with a localContinue reading “Still expanding the possibilities”

Some Ramblings on Community

I’m at a point in my thesis research development in which there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I’m having trouble narrowing down to a specific direction for primary research. In terms of secondary research, the sources I have range from visual intelligence, resource sharing systems, sustainable cities, community building andContinue reading “Some Ramblings on Community”

Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3

1. I picked up this Monocle magazine yesterday and fell in love with the style, layout and infographics. It reminds me a lot of Good Magazine – this style of information design is such a happy and upbeat way to represent statistics. The clean lines and simple shapes probably appeal to the organized side ofContinue reading “Inspiration from this weekend/Observation Journal Part 3”

Organizing my thesis-related thoughts/First Draft of Hypothesis

This thesis presents the hypothesis that we will see our surroundings in a new way and enjoy the encounter of our city through the work of designers, artists and local craftspeople. Designers can capture the essence of a community through mapping, photo essays, local branding campaigns, crafts and homemade goods. This thesis will explore theContinue reading “Organizing my thesis-related thoughts/First Draft of Hypothesis”

Plans for a new neighborhood in NYC

I came across a new plan to develop the no-mans-land south of Tribeca on the real estate blog Curbed. Check out the new Greenwich South! I love the idea of designing an entire neighborhood, developing a new community, and breathing new life into an area. The plans represent a reimagining of the area, opening upContinue reading “Plans for a new neighborhood in NYC”