oooooh! I’m starting to get it

Michelle also said something in our meeting on Thursday that made me think. How do I see this work entering the community itself? What do I see as the site-specific application of my abstractions, symbols and drawings? I just discovered a Brooklyn artist who places tape in geometric (mostly cubes and rectangles) shapes in theContinue reading “oooooh! I’m starting to get it”

Some Ramblings on Community

I’m at a point in my thesis research development in which there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I’m having trouble narrowing down to a specific direction for primary research. In terms of secondary research, the sources I have range from visual intelligence, resource sharing systems, sustainable cities, community building andContinue reading “Some Ramblings on Community”

Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis and Environmental Graffiti Art

via Flavorwire This is such a refreshing idea. There is already too much pollution, so why not use the pollution to create art? Instead of spray paint, artist Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis uses stencils and a power washer to CLEAN his canvases. I love the idea of taking away what is unnecessary to create something completelyContinue reading “Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis and Environmental Graffiti Art”