Marian Bantjes on plastic over-packaging

“We don’t need to be protected from every surface, and every surface does not need to be protected from us. It’s as though we have completely lost our minds.” In her entertaining Design Observer post. So true. I’ve posted about the environmental impact of plastics before, and packaging is a huge culprit. Designers do haveContinue reading “Marian Bantjes on plastic over-packaging”

Some Ramblings on Community

I’m at a point in my thesis research development in which there are so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I’m having trouble narrowing down to a specific direction for primary research. In terms of secondary research, the sources I have range from visual intelligence, resource sharing systems, sustainable cities, community building andContinue reading “Some Ramblings on Community”

Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle Oh My!

I came across a few examples of great reuse of materials the past few days, so I’m going to post them here. In a strong message against violence, ken and dana design have created a line of jewelry created from reclaimed gun parts.This is their manifesto: Living in NYC, it often seems we never goContinue reading “Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle Oh My!”

Dichotomy in the fashion world

It was bad timing for H&M recently, getting caught trashing bags of clothing in the middle of a really bad recession and ridiculously cold winter. Throwing the clothes out in trash bags wasn’t enough for this global retailer – they feel the need to slash the clothing so that they will be less enticing toContinue reading “Dichotomy in the fashion world”

The Designers Accord and sustainable design

The newest trend in design is anything related to sustainability and helping others, which is a very good thing. A few years ago I volunteered with an NGO in Thailand, providing refuge and vocational training to women, and have since volunteered my time to a few organizations in the US. I love helping people, andContinue reading “The Designers Accord and sustainable design”

Design for a Living World

What IS organic design exactly? My recent visit to Cooper-Hewitt answered part of that question for me. The Nature Conservancy developed an exhibition in which 10 leading designers were commissioned to develop new uses for sustainable materials and tell a unique story about the land and culture from which they came. This exhibition is beautifulContinue reading “Design for a Living World”