Sitting on a ticking time bomb

I was reading the Pantopicon blog, and this post made me stop and think: what direction is our world really going in? Humans could go in one of two directions: on one hand, there’s a resurgence of back-to-nature practices like yoga, local and organic food, crafting and the popularity of handmade elements in art andContinue reading “Sitting on a ticking time bomb”

Loyal to the Prius

The CARS program was a government-run solution to get polluting cars off the road by providing credit for the trade-in of ‘clunkers’ towards the purchase of smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. In Tim Brown of IDEO’s blog, he posts an image of a Toyota dealership inundated with ‘clunkers’. The majority of these inefficient, oversized vehicles areContinue reading “Loyal to the Prius”